25 February 2018

Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula

Satellite coverage from the deck of s/y Katharsis II, position: 62°25’S, 50°32’W 65th day of the journey, 9,350 nautical miles from the port of departure Katharsis II has […]
18 February 2018

White Nights Are Over. Watch: “THE SEVEN SEAS” (video)

Satellite correspondence by Captain Mariusz Koper, aboard Katharsis II directly from the Antarctic Belingshausen Sea. On 14 February 2018, after 53 days and 10 hours, having […]
9 February 2018

7 weeks, 7 seas, 7 storms

69º35’S, 130º11’W 48 days and 7,200 nautical miles since Cape Town Katharsis II’s voyage around Antarctica is slowly approaching its halfway point. Seven weeks have passed since […]
31 January 2018

Balleny Islands

Antarctica, 68º06’27″S, 170º35’42″E. 40th day of the journey, 5,800 nautical miles from Cape Town Nearly six weeks ago, Katharsis II left for her voyage around Earth’s […]
24 January 2018

Sailing along shores of East Antarctica

Antarctic, D’Urville Sea Lat/Lon: 64º11’01″S, 135º33’56″E We have been sailing for one month, traveling nearly 5,000 nautical miles since leaving Cape Town. For over two weeks, […]
15 January 2018

Heavy storm around the 85th meridian.

11-13 January 2018 Skipper’s report The outer limits of the Antarctic Davis Sea are delimited by two floating ice platforms: the West Ice Shelf in the […]
9 January 2018

Katharsis II: Ready to brave new storms. “THE CREW” (video)

09.01.2018. 3,000 miles since we’ve set sail. (coverage from the 63rd parallel south) Reaching and crossing the 60th parallel south on the night of 5/6 January […]
5 January 2018

The first storm, the first iceberg

Satellite coverage by s/y Katharsis II skipper, Captain Mariusz Koper. 04/05 January 2018, the Southern Ocean Position 57° 59.98 S, 054° 12.25 E, speed at 9.5 […]
31 December 2017

Katharsis II: The New Year’s Message from the Skipper and the Crew. Watch the beginning of the voyage. “START” (video)

Sunday, 31 December 2017. Position: 51° 21.15 S, 037° 12.15 E; Course 135.  Speed at 6.3 knots 1,380 nautical miles since the start in Cape Town. […]
28 December 2017

Christmas has gone by.

28.12.2017. The latest report from S/Y Katharsis II It’s the 5th day on the sea and 835 miles since we’ve set the sail. Position at: 28 […]