Return to sailing
23 October 2017
Double Challenge – Episode 8 “TOGETHER” (video)
1 January 2018

I did not sell my dreams! (GDC-DCO Episode 7: “HOPE”)

After one year I’ve returned to Cape Town to begin the next great adventure, a sailing voyage around Antarctic continent.

Maybe my second name – Nadzieja (in Polish – Hope), somehow in a magic way supports me and provides energy, helping to draw strength to live the full life. And do not allow to abandon my plans, giving faith that fighting for your dreams is worth it.

Greetings to all from a beautiful beach at the Cape of a Good Hope, my Hope…

– Hania


Twelve months after the surgery Hania Leniec returns to South Africa to pursue her dreams right where she left them.
She is about to embark on a grand sailing voyage around Antarctica…”

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