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Polish Finale of Katharsis II Expedition – WATER FESTIVAL RUDDER OF BYDGOSZCZ – 23.06.2018

FINISH – Hobart, 05.04.2018

ANTARCTIC LOOP 07.01.- 20.03.2018  (72 days, 6 hours)





START – Cape Town, 23.12.2017






Published: 12.01.2018
Portal: Euro-Argo RI
European contribution to the Argo programme
MOCCA deployments in Antarctica


Published: 01.01.2018
Source: Portal POLAND @ SEA (English)
Katharsis II: First one thousand nautical miles behind us!

First published May, 2019.
Around The Ice – Documentary


First published October, 2017.
Antarctic Laboratory of the Katharsis II (ALK2)

Episode 1: “THE AGREEMENT”.

The Katharsis II cruise around Antarctica is also a unique opportunity for specialized research in many parts of the Southern Ocean, which has so far not been visited by scientists. During the preparations for the Expedition it was decided that during the 2017/2018 Antarctic cruise, the Katharsis II crew will conduct special scientific experiments, in collaboration with the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Institute will be represented on board Katharsis II by Professor Piotr Kukliński.


First published September, 2017.
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
„Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 6: “SELF-DISCOVERY”.

Hanna Leniec, second officer of the yacht was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016. That’s a double challenge in itself – fighting against the illness and returning to the form of a capable crew member. This is the topic of this episode of Hania’s video blog. Sailing and fighting cancer – discussions about these topics on board of yachts in Sopot and Szczecin and on STS Pogoria. Worth watching….


First published June, 2017.
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
“Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 5: “I AM HERE”.

Another several months of difficult treatment have gone by.
Hanna Leniec was invited to the “Pink Ribbon” Festival to tell others about her battle with cancer…


First published April, 2017
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
“Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 4: “SUPPORT”.

If a person who has been diagnosed with cancer is aware that they can use multiple sources of support, then the person is not required to use them. It is important that the person knows that they exist. Oncological disease is a cruise to the end of the world. You have to somewhat follow your own internal compass and swim in such a way to reach your goal …


First published February, 2017.
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
“Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 3: “CHEMO”.

Breast cancer can cause a total change in life priorities. The patients who right after the diagnosis claim that this is something terrible, that they have been diagnosed with cancer, later, after being cured, can change their lives into something completely different and definitely better.


First published January, 2017
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
“Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 2: “RHYTM”.

Video correspondence: Hanna Leniec, Second Officer of the Katharsis II yacht, during a meeting with the yacht crew in South Africa – on the fight against breast cancer and the need for preventive examinations and preparations for the cruise around Antarctica in December 2017. Two weeks after surgery, with the consent of her doctors, Hanna returned briefly to board the yacht waiting in Central Marina, Cape Town, South Africa to take part in a training cruise. The conversation took place during World Christmas Day 2016 at Cape Agulhas in South Africa and on board the Katharsis II yacht around the Cape of Good Hope. The commentary by Dr. Monika Nagadowska, PhD was recorded at the Oncology Center – The Maria Skłodowska – Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw.


First published December, 2016.
Video Blog >Double Challenge<
“Get Yourself Checked – DON’T CHECK OUT!” (GYC-DCO)

Episode 1: “DIAGNOSIS”.

Hanna Leniec, Second Officer of the Katharsis II yacht, two weeks before the start of the Antarctic expedition was diagnosed with breast cancer and learned that she had to undergo surgery and months of rehabilitation …


First published December, 2016.
Video correspondence from Cape Town


Captain Mariusz Koper: “… At one time, the sailors passing the Cape Agulhas, the southern tip of Africa, headed north. Either in the direction of Europe or towards India, always with hope for better, quieter waters. I, being on the southern tip of Africa, do not think about sailing in the direction of friendly waters. I am drawn to that infinity which is ahead of us, further south. I want to get to Antarctica from here and circle this continent over its waters and finish our expedition in Hobart, Australia…”

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