Piotr Kukliński

Marine biologist specialising in polar regions. Sailor, Dive Master PADI

Professor at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Scientific associate of the Natural History Museum in London. Expert in marine ecology attempting at determining the environmental impact (e.g. of temperature) on polar marine organisms. His fields of scientific interest include the taxonomy and classification of bryozoans (phylum of marine invertebrates). To date, identified and described around twenty bryozoans new to science.

Participant of numerous research voyages on Polish, Norwegian, and American vessels, also as chief scientist of Arctic expeditions aboard s/y Oceania, the research vessel of the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Member of many land-based polar expeditions, including the 2010/2011 three-month Antarctic research expedition (Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station).

Freediving remains his chief method of sample collection. Spent a total of over three years in polar areas, the Arctic and the Antarctic alike. Logged approximately 300 dives in both regions.

Sailed aboard s/y Katharsis II twice, both cruises in tropical regions. The planned circumnavigation of Antarctica will be Piotr’s first polar voyage on the yacht.

After voyage...