18 May 2018

WINNING. 9th and final episode of the Double Challenge – Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” (GYC-DCO) series. (video)

This was the most difficult sail of my life. A voyage I wanted to be an active crewmember of as usual, despite my illness, and not […]
21 March 2018

Joy and Reflection

21 March, s/y Katharsis II, the Antarctic, at sea On 20 March 2018 at 5:44 p.m. (by the yacht’s clock, UTC+4) we closed the Antarctic loop, crossing […]
1 January 2018

Double Challenge – Episode 8 “TOGETHER” (video)

1 January 2018 s/y Katharsis II. Southern Ocean. At sea. IT HAS BEEN A ROUGH YEAR. WHAT HAS THE NEW YEAR GOT IN STORE FOR ME? […]
19 December 2017

I did not sell my dreams! (GDC-DCO Episode 7: “HOPE”)

After one year I’ve returned to Cape Town to begin the next great adventure, a sailing voyage around Antarctic continent. Maybe my second name – Nadzieja […]
23 October 2017

Return to sailing

Being back on deck always makes me very happy and gives me tons of positive energy. This year I spent exceptionally little time on Katharsis II, […]
17 February 2017

Fighting the cancer on Valentine’s Day, CHEMO

The surgical removal of a tumour is but the beginning of a long road for Hanna. Her physicians decided that the heaviest form of chemotherapy would […]
10 December 2016

I learned I had cancer

On Tuesday, November 8th, one week before our planned flight to Cape Town, I learned I had cancer. I found myself totally thrown off kilter, off […]