Robert Kibart

Offshore skipper, cameraman

His fascination with marine voyages began with Miniatury Morskie (Marine Miniatures), a once well-known publishing series. Thanks to these books – small in size, rich in content – he was part of many a marine adventure, circumnavigating the globe with Leonid Teliga, fighting in battles at sea, sharing the joys and troubles of sailors and mariners.

Hailing from a family with no marine traditions, he found the world of the sea – magical, frequently discovered at night – unreachable. That is, until his friend Bartosz Różycki made him a crewmember aboard s/y Zjawa IV in November 2002. The brief leisure crossing to Klaipeda became the stone behind the avalanche: two weeks later, he returned to sea.

Got to know nearly all of the Baltic Sea aboard sailing vessels: Törehamn in the North, Sweden’s eastern coast, Göta Canal crossing included, and the Gulf of Finland during a cruise to Sankt Petersburg. In 2006, he sailed from Gdynia to Narvik. Subsequent years brought voyages aboard s/y Gedania: Lisbon to Barcelona via Ceuta and Gibraltar in 2007; Den Helder to Dublin via the North Sea, Caledonian Canal and Isle of Man in 2008. Day one of the Den Helder crossing marked the Tall Ships’ Races 2008 finale, and the Ships’ parade. Crewmember aboard s/y Gedania again in 2010, during a cruise across Spitsbergen waters to the Norwegian town of Tromsø.

Joined the crew of s/y Katharsis II for her Tahiti-Ushuaia crossing via the Eastern Island and Cape Horn in 2010, making another of his sailor’s dreams come true.

Crossed the North-West Passage aboard the brave Katharsis II in 2012. Attended the Sydney-Hobart Race in 2014. Member of the 2015 expedition to the Ross Sea. Reached the Bay of Whales – Amundsen’s starting location on his journey to the South Pole.

Believes that the sea is an addiction for more reasons that its power alone. Sailing is about the people we meet, the work we do together, the discomfort we suffer and the joy we feel once the goal has been reached: such is the obvious recipe for friendship. Sailing, for him, is a personal thing. Finds that the sea has the power of showing people for what they truly are, and assigning adequate meaning to all matters. This is why it allows continuous discovery of the self, of people, of places. Regardless of sailing accomplishments, he comes back a winner from every voyage.

After voyage...