18 May 2018

WINNING. 9th and final episode of the Double Challenge – Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” (GYC-DCO) series. (video)

This was the most difficult sail of my life. A voyage I wanted to be an active crewmember of as usual, despite my illness, and not […]
30 April 2018

Antarctic Laboratory aboard Katharsis II (ALK2) (video) – Episode no 3: “RESEARCHING THE OCEAN”

Purely sailing-related purposes apart, Katharsis II’s voyage around the Antarctic had an itemised research programme. At this stage, it can be declared that all programme assumptions have […]
26 April 2018

Katharsis II – After the Voyage (Video: “THE CREW – part 2”)

Mariusz Koper, Katharsis II, Tasman Sea Wyprawa Katharsis II dookoła Antarktydy na południe od 60 stopnia Katharsis II‘s voyage to circumnavigate Antarctica south of the 60th parallel was completed several […]
7 April 2018

Mission Accomplished! (Video FINISH LINE)

07.04.2018, Hobart. The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. Watch the last days and hours of Katharsis II’s journey, with its skipper, Mariusz Koper, and a crew […]
5 April 2018

FINISHING LINE Katharsis II Polish Antarctic Sailing Expedition Completed

Hobart, Tasmania, 5 April 2018 S/y Katharsis II under the command of skipper Mariusz Koper and its crew of eight have reached the finishing line in Hobart. […]
30 March 2018

KATHARSIS II, Damage incident on deck

30 March 2018, 97th day of the journey, 14,800 nautical miles from the departure in Cape Town Yacht’s position: 53º50’59″S, 127º13’00″E, Southern Ocean Special news from […]
26 March 2018

The Final Stretch (See video: The Antarctic Circle)

26 March 2018, Katharsis II, Southern Ocean Position: 57º49’29” S, 104º27’09” E, 93 days and 14,000 nautical miles from the Expedition’s port of departure Greetings from the deck […]
20 March 2018

Closing the loop

20 March 2018, Katharsis II, position: 061º57’52″S, 065º04’15″E Commonwealth Sea: 87 days and 12,700 nautical miles from the expedition’s port of departure On 20 March 2018 […]
18 March 2018

The storm on the Cosmonauts Sea

12,300 nautical miles since we’ve set the sail in Cape Town S/Y Katharsis II at: 063º28’03″S, 051º24’34″E We are embarking on the 13th week of our journey […]
12 March 2018

Katharsis II, the Antarctic: Lazarev and Riiser Larsen Seas

s/y Katharsis, position: 65º 32′ S, 026 º57′ E; 79 days, 11,500 nautical miles from the port of departure Katharsis II has begun her 12th week of […]