Australia ABC TV News about Katharsis II record sailing
5 April 2018
Katharsis II – After the Voyage (Video: “THE CREW – part 2”)
26 April 2018

Mission Accomplished! (Video FINISH LINE)

07.04.2018, Hobart. The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.

Watch the last days and hours of Katharsis II’s journey, with its skipper, Mariusz Koper, and a crew of eight (Tomasz Grala, Hanna Leniec, Michał Barasiński, Magdalena Żuchelkowska, Michal Małecki, Ireneusz Kamiński, Piotr Kukliński, Robert Kibart), during a non-stop sailing from Cape Town, South Africa, to Hobart, Australia, around and possibly close to the Antarctic continent, along and south of the 60th parallel. The circumnavigation of Antarctica was completed on 20 March 2018. The whole route was south of the 62nd parallel.

The Local Judges Committee of the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) in Hobart, Tasmania notified that the finishing line for the whole voyage was crossed at 05:55:25 universal time (UTC), 15:55:25 local time (AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Time), or 07:55:25 Polish time. The time of circumnavigating the Antarctic continent during the Cape Town to Hobart journey south of the 60th parallel was 102 days 23 hours and 1 minute.

While the result is yet to be confirmed by the World Sailing Speed Record Council in London, the Polish crew completed their journey around Earth’s coldest continent as the first yacht in the world, sailing south of the 62nd parallel throughout the course of their non-stop voyage. From their port of departure in Cape Town on 23 December 2017, the sailors, under the command of skipper Mariusz Koper, covered a distance of 15,853 nautical miles.

Watch the Katharsis II  crossing the finish line in Hobart

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