5 November 2017
Preparations for the expedition around the Antarctic on the final stretch. Planned start in the upcoming week!
18 December 2017

Less than two weeks before the start of the expedition

Cape Town – Warsaw. From the deck of s/y Katharsis II. (Update)
V&A Cape Town Marina. 03.12.2017

Greetings from the deck of the Katharsis II Yacht – currently in Cape Town V&A Marina. After a short stay in Poland, Hanna Leniec, the 2nd officer, and the skipper – Captain Mariusz Koper, commander of the expedition “Around the Antarctic Along and South of the 60th Parallel” have returned to the yacht.

The last stage of preparations has already begun before the launch of the expedition around the Antarctic, which is planned for the 20th December. Apart from Hanna Leniec and Mariusz Koper, two members of the cruise crew are on board already: Capt. Tomek Grala (1st officer) and Piotr Kukliński – crewman, yachtsman and professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences responsible for the scientific experiments planned during the expedition. On Wednesday – 6th December, the rest of the crew will join: Capt. Michał Barasiński (3rd officer), Capt. Irek Kamiński, skipper Robert Kibart, Wojtek Małecki and Capt. Magda Żuchelkowska (4th officer). Filip Małynicz, and Tomek Grala will stay on board of Katharsis II almost up to the start to tend to technical matters.

Work on the yacht is in full swing. The crew awaits the last weeks of intensive preparations, including – very importantly – stocking the yacht for four months (including 20 reserve days) and 9 crew members. This is a major logistical challenge.

All the formalities required by the Council of Sailing Records of the World Sailing Federation ISAF/WSSRC have been successfully completed. We will keep you informed about the preparations and the entire journey both on our website (also available at a simpler address: and on FB. For your information, the expedition website has been made fully available in English since December. We also recommend visiting our YOUTUBEINSTARGRAM and TWITTER, channels, the latter in English only.

It is worth recalling that the Katharsis II expedition is dedicated to the promotion of breast cancer prevention in women. A social project by Captain Hanna Leniec, under the name “Check up! Don’t let it get you” (CU-DLIGY) is addressed to female sailors and generally – to young women (and their families). It has been implemented since December 2016 in cooperation with, among others, the Centre for Oncology of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute.

While waiting for the cruise to the South, we recommend a special, new version of video-coverage from the previous Antarctic expedition. “78th PARALLEL” is a video description of the 2015 cruise of the s/y Katharsis II to the Bay of Whales in the Antarctic Ross Sea closest to the South Pole. The bay is navigable for about 8 weeks a year when is becomes relatively ice-free for a short time. According to Captain Mariusz, the cruise on the Ross Sea aimed at visiting one of the eleven seas of the Antarctic. During this voyage, the Katharsis II crew plans to visit all of them while sailing around the continent.

“78th PARALLEL”, with excellent cinematography and directed by Robert Kibart, has now been enriched with original music by Jan Gembala.

“78th PARALLEL” Released: 2015, Remastered December 2017. Source: “78th PARALLEL” a ZEFIR Production for >Do not sell your dreams…<

Original film version of the unique Expedition of the sailing yacht s/y Katharsis II in 2015 to the Bay of Whales, in the southernmost Antarctic Ross Sea. Navigation there is possible for about 8 weeks per year, when the sea becomes relatively free of ice.

The crew: Captain: Mariusz Koper, CREW: 1st officer: Tomasz Grala, 2nd officer: Hanna Leniec, 3rd officer: Michał Barasiński, 4th officer: Adam Żuchelkowski, and: Anna Gruszka, Robert Kibart, Mariusz Magoń (Expedition’s doctor), and Wojciech Małecki.

Film crew: Pictures: Robert Kibart, Editing: Krzysztof Zięcik; Original music: Jan Gembala; Color correction: Bartosz Przybytek; Sound Editing: Wojciech Chołaściński; Director: Robert Kibart; Producer: Mariusz Koper

“78th PARALLEL”, A ZEFIR Production

Attention: The video is available with embedded English subtitles.
For English subtitles go to: ۞ SETTINGS “Ustawienia” and set TEXT – “Napisy”.
The English subtitles will start automatically.

The YOUTUBE channel with all videos, including English language versions of the voyage reports:

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