Preparations for the expedition around the Antarctic on the final stretch. Planned start in the upcoming week!
18 December 2017
Katharsis II Antarctic Expedition started! “ANTARCTICA IS LIKE A MAGNET” (video)
23 December 2017

Waiting is about to end. Katharsis II will embark on the voyage around Antarctica on Saturday morning, 23 December 2017.

20 December 2017

Cape Town V&A Waterfront Marina

After a short temporary delay caused by waiting for the suitable weather window and the essential handover of final equipment deliveries, including a thermal camera ordered a long time ago, the exact kickoff date of the Expedition has been finally determined. Having thoroughly analysed weather charts, Captain Mariusz Koper decided that S/Y Katharsis II will embark on the voyage around Antarctica this Saturday, 23 December at 08:45 – 09:45 hours local time, or from 07:45 until 08:45 hours Polish time. The start date of the sailing expedition registered as a “Sailing Record Attempt” has been already agreed with the World Sailing Speed Record Council (authorised by ISAF) and a special WSSR Commissioner will be present at the start venue.

For the past week, the weather around the Cape of Good Hope was not favourable for Katharsis II crew, but gale-force head wind reaching more than 50 knots is slowly subsiding, giving way to the weather window Captain Koper wants to benefit from right at the beginning. The crew and the yacht – everything is ready, checked and braced for the journey. When the yacht leaves Cape Town, it will get in touch with civilisation again in approximately 100 days after it covers the loop-shaped course circumnavigating Antarctica. As usual, everything depends on weather conditions the crew will encounter on the sea.

Sailors are reluctant to tempt providence. According to old seafaring superstition it is unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday. The Katharsis II crew will spend its final day in the port completing essential port, customs and passport clearances and controls, resting and getting ready for Christmas that will find its members on the ocean en route to Antarctica’s coastal waters.

NOTE: As the challenge begins, we also plan to launch a new special voyage tracking system, what will be communicated separately. Please keep in mind that Katarsis II Expedition has its dedicated YouTube video channel where new video reports covering both the challenge and Hanna Leniec’s Social Campaign “Check up! Don’t let it get you” are released twice or three times a month alongside lowdown on “Antarctic Laboratory” scientific projects implemented by Professor Piotr Kukliński while the Expedition lasts. Don’t miss our coverage!

Katharsis II crew

Watch the latest episode covering Hanna Leniec’s Social Campaign “Check up! Don’t let it get you” (CU-DLIGY) Episode 7: “HOPE.” Katharsis II Around Antarctic Continent Expedition Along and South of the 60th Parallel is dedicated to the fight against and prevention of breast cancer.

Following a year-long battle with cancer, doctors told Hanna Leniec she was cured. Twelve months after the surgery she returned to South Africa to pursue her dreams right where she left them. She is now about to embark on a grand sailing journey around Antarctica…

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