I did not sell my dreams! (GDC-DCO Episode 7: “HOPE”)
19 December 2017
Joy and Reflection
21 March 2018

Double Challenge – Episode 8 “TOGETHER” (video)

1 January 2018
s/y Katharsis II. Southern Ocean. At sea.


It has been a rough year. A year of struggle with grave illness. An eventful year which also helped me understand and learn. A year that saw me mature in a way and better understand myself. A year that has demonstrated that I may always count on my nearest and dearest, my friends and my sailing family – Katharsis II crew. A year during which I learnt a lot about cancer, about what it really means, how it changes your everyday life, but also that it is curable and does not put an end to a normal life.

For the past year I was trying to get others to embrace the illness and finally start talking about it. We tend to think that if we don’t talk about something and pretend it doesn’t exist, this will never happen to us. But this is not how it works. The sooner you learn about cancer, the bigger are the odds of beating it. I was given this chance because I went to get a check up. I would like to see more females making the most of this chance they are given. To live on and fulfil their dreams.




The final episode of the annual series of Hanna Leniec’s original videos charting her struggle with breast cancer and her battle to pull through and start living her life to the fullest. Hania’s example is a strong case to prove that cancer is curable and that the sooner you learn about it, the bigger are the odds of beating it. To live on and fulfil your dreams, such as this unique voyage around Antarctica…

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  1. Edward says:

    How was the name Katharsis selected? It’s listed in Freemason encyclopedia but perhaps it was selected from other sources.

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