Joy and Reflection
21 March 2018

WINNING. 9th and final episode of the Double Challenge – Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” (GYC-DCO) series. (video)

This was the most difficult sail of my life. A voyage I wanted to be an active crewmember of as usual, despite my illness, and not a passenger only.
I made it.

I would like to thank the many people who supported me with their kindness. Eighteen months ago, we shot the first clip of our “Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” (GYC-DCO) series. We showed people how things were. Things weren’t easy. They never are, when it comes to cancer.

We published new video-reports every two months (all can be found here: “Get Yourself Checked”

I would like to thank everyone who was with me during my battle with cancer and then during one storm after another in Antarctic waters. Thanks to the many letters and contacts, I know that my experience, my challenges, can – I believe – help others today.

The Katharsis II Antarctic Loop has been closed. The voyage came to its end. The time has come for the ninth and final episode of our “Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” series. The title: “WINNING”.

Ah, before I forget: don’t be passive passengers in the journey of your own lives: Get Yourself Checked! I have already had my first post-sail ultrasonograph.

Take a look at our video: GYC-DCO No. 9:

– Hania

“WINNING” – 9th and final episode of the “Get Yourself Checked – Don’t Check Out” (GYC-DCO) series.

The double challenge. Report by Hanna Leniec, second officer aboard s/y Katharsis II. Final footage shot during the Antarctic journey and upon crossing the finishing line in Hobart, Australia. Struggles during the sailing expedition around the Antarctic continent and new challenges on land.

Hanna Leniec’s social campaign addressing women sailors and young women (and their families). The campaign was held since December 2016 in cooperation i.a. with the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Centre and Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. The Katharsis IIsailing expedition – non-stop journey around the Antarctic continent along and south of the 60th parallel was dedicated to support for preventing breast cancer in women.

The voyage taken by skipper Mariusz Koper and his crew of eight was officially entered (as No. 54) onto the World Sailing Speed Record (WSSR) Performance Certificate list.

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